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How to come to Rethymno

Rethimno is located in the north end of the prefecture, built by the sea and is a city with many faces. Rethimno or Rithimna as it was once called has been inhabited since the Later Minoan III period. Nowadays, it keeps the elements inherited by its history (from antiquity up to now), preserving at the same time the characteristics of a modern city.

You can reach Rethimno by boat from Piraeus to Chania or to Iraklion or by plane from Athens to Chania or to Iraklion.

Bus services are daily and often to all Cretan areas while the north road network is convenient for a relaxing journey. Rethimno combines the conveniences of a large city with the beauty of an old town. Both elements will mesmerize you.

Visiting Rethimnon via Chania or Iraklion within an hour you will reach beach of Rethimnos. Follow the beach road and in Perivolia district you will find Family Homes Zaharias.

Find us @ Google Maps (Family Homes Zaharias).

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